Honey I shrank the Wedding cake !

We love to make our wedding cakes as special as we can possibly make them for our Bride, Groom and of course the wedding guests. 
We we love the great comments we get from the finished wedding cakes not only about the looks and wow factor but also the flavours too. 
We hear all the time that "they are too good to eat" and " I just don't want to cut it" . Great comments but that's what Wedding and celebration cakes are for and they don't last gor ever.
So how about these great little Ornamental Cakes and keep sakes . We can create your wedding cake in miniature ! We use polymer clay so that they will last for years to come. This way you can keep the memory of your special occasion . They can be copied from almost any cake , whether it's one of our designs or not. 
Great as a wedding anniversary gift, could you imagine having a wedding cake reproduced from 50 years ago wow that would make a thoughtful gift bringing back memories from that long ago. All we would need are pictures of the cake !